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Safer Internet Day 2018

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Smartie the Penguin




Welcome to our class page!


This week builder Lilia and builder

Harrison set to work on a special seat

to share in the building area.


Fun in the physical area.


Outdoor Learning

The fairy godmother's and their

princess friend set to work on tidying

up the messy PE equipment. With Poles

as brooms and magical spells all was tidy

and restored in no time :)

Dear Parents,

In phonics this week the children have been learning to recognise the phonemes:

  • y(Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, down a horn, up a horn, under his head and curl
  • z(Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, zig, zag, zig)
  • qu(Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair. Then: Whoosh up, down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle for the u)

The children have been learning to sight read a selection of high frequency words. We are calling these our ‘tricky words’ because many of them cannot be sounded out using our phonics skills. Please use the words attached to practise their quick recognition of these at home.

The children have also been practicing reading and writing three and four letters words using the phonemes above. If you would like to support them at home in this area of learning please encourage them to practise writing a few words in their sharing book this weekend (e.g. jam, jump, van, vet, wet, wig, fox, box, yes, yell, zip, zig) and continue to support them to practise reading words using their school reading book and their Reading Bugs login details (if you have any problems with their login details please write this in your child’s monkey book and I will check them next week)

In maths this week the children have continued to develop their understanding of addition and their ability to use objects, their fingers and a tens frame to help them solve the number sentences given.

Small Reminders

  • Friday 2nd February is ‘Number Day’ and the children have been asked to dress up in digits. This may be in an outfit your child already has e.g. a football shirt, a cap or hoody or in a homemade outfit e.g. a t-shirt with numbers written on or Mrs Hale has recommended the following link for more ideas:

Miss Hughes


The Mud Kitchen


Daisy, Scarlett and Delilah created a

cosy home for their new friends.

Challenge Time 2017

Enterprise Week-2016

Our Sponsored Bounce for Children in Need
Our Sponsored Bounce for Children in Need

A Visit from the Ducklings 2016
A Visit from the Ducklings 2016


Welcome to our class page!


Fun in the Snow

Our First School the Library