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This week builder Lilia and builder

Harrison set to work on a special seat

to share in the building area.


Fun in the physical area.


Outdoor Learning

The fairy godmother's and their

princess friend set to work on tidying

up the messy PE equipment. With Poles

as brooms and magical spells all was tidy

and restored in no time :)


                                                                                   18th November 2017

Dear Parents,

In phonics this week the children have been learning to recognise the phonemes:

  • g (Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, round her face, down her hair and give her a curl)
  • o (Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, all the way around the orange)
  • c (Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, curl around the caterpillar)
  • k (Writing rhyme: Whoosh up, down the kangaroos body, add a tail and leg)

They have been learning to read these letters in words and apply them in their writing. You might like to challenge your child to practise applying their new letters when writing short words e.g. cat, sit, pip, dad, pat, nan

In maths this week the children have been continuing to practice counting in sequence. On Tuesday during the sponsored bounce the children were counting each bounce that their friend made (all of the children reached over 100 bounces) so we had to count a lot. We have also been learning to find one less from a group of numbers.

Thank you to you all for your generous donations towards Children In Need. I will announce our final class total next week but I have been amazed with the amount we have already collected.

Small Reminders

  • Next Friday I will be attending an Early Years conference so I will be out of class all day. The children will meet the teacher covering on Thursday and Mrs Woodward will be in class supporting the children in their normal routine.
  • Friday the 24th November is also own clothes day. Please bring chocolate or a bottle to donate to the Christmas Fair.
  • Please remember to name your children’s hats, scarves and gloves so that we can return them if they are lost. You may like to attach their gloves to their coat using a piece of elastic to support your child to be independent in looking after their belongings.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hughes 


The Mud Kitchen


Daisy, Scarlett and Delilah created a

cosy home for their new friends.

Challenge Time 2017

Enterprise Week-2016

Our Sponsored Bounce for Children in Need
Our Sponsored Bounce for Children in Need

A Visit from the Ducklings 2016
A Visit from the Ducklings 2016


Welcome to our class page!


Fun in the Snow

Our First School the Library