Broadwater Down Primary School

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Parent Council

Our Parent Council is a group of parent representatives from each of the classes within the school. The Council meets each term (up to 6 times a year) with the headteacher. This is a valuable opportunity for whole-school issues to be discussed and for ideas and opinions to be shared by all present. Any parent can raise an issue for discussion by contacting a representative either in person or via email. It is an excellent way for the staff and parents to work together to build on good practice and focus on school improvement.

Terms of Reference


The current parent representatives are:                                                                                             

Ladybird Class:          Elizabeth Mayhew                               Use facebook page

Butterfly Class:          Tanya, Poppie's mum                

Woodpecker Class:     Rachel, Lewis' mum                   

Hedgehog Class:        Dawn, Riley's mum                      

Fox Class:                   Katya, Blake's mum                            Use facebook page

Badger Class:             Candi, Reuben's mum                 

Owl Class:                  Trudy, Lillyanna's mum                        Use facebook page 

Fundraising Group Link Parent:      Sarah West


Each class representative has set up a facebook page for easy communication.    Ask the council rep if you want to know more or clink on this link. Parents must sign an acceptable use agreement to use the site.