Broadwater Down Primary School

Growing to Learn, Learning to Grow


At the heart of everything we do to make our school such a success is the community and the people who work to make this: children, staff, parents and governors.

We have a wonderful team of staff, who are committed to the vision, success and progress of the school and have different specialisms to ensure the best possible opportunities and service for our children, parents and local community.

Our staff are committed to developing the whole child through a variety of teaching and learning opportunities and clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour, encouraging each child to adopt a growth mindset and achieve.

Headteacher:  Mrs V. Lonie

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C. Barber


 Teaching Staff:

Ladybird Class - Miss A. Hughes

Butterfly Class - Mrs M. Hale

Woodpecker Class - Mrs K. Mundy

Hedgehog Class - Mrs C. Stares (Monday- Wednesday) and Mrs E. Lightbody (Thursday & Friday)

Fox Class - Mr D. Neill

Badger Class - Mrs B. Jacques (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs J. Williams (Thursday & Friday)

Owl Class - Mrs S. Pickles (Monday- Wednesday) and Mrs C. Barber (Thursday - Friday)


PPA Cover - Mrs J. Spiller (HLTA)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs C. Clayton

Mrs C. Woodward

Mrs R. Barrett

Miss P. Fox

Mrs T. Pulford

Miss A. Daniels

Mrs L. Socaci

Mrs M. Kelly


Mrs B. Seymour

Miss O. Sarjeant

Miss M. Rodriguez

Mrs S. Petley



Breakfast Club - Mrs C .Clayton and Miss A. Daniels

Squirrel Club - Mrs Y. Thomas and Mrs B. Seymour


Family Support Adviser - Libby Wilmshurst

School Secretary - Mrs A. Bailey and Mrs N. Parker