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Art and Design

Art and Design Curriculum Overview

At Broadwater Down our Art and Design curriculum engages, inspires and challenges pupils giving them the skills and knowledge to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Throughout years 1-6, will experience the following creative subject areas. Depending on the termly outcome, the Class Teacher will decide the order in which they are undertaken:

Curriculum Intent

Broadwater Down is committed to creating learning experiences that embrace our core values: Community, Excellence and Diversity. Our Art and design curriculum allows children to develop their creativity through opportunities to engage, be inspired and challenged. At Broadwater Down we are strong believers in the impact of Art and Design and is a key part to our broad and balanced curriculum. Creativity is a key form of expression and explored within the whole school. Children are exposed to inspirational art and creativity within classrooms, on large displays along school corridors, including bespoke commissioned pieces by our Artist in Residence and competition winning photographs. The children are immersed in creativity and have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of mediums and learn about numerous artists throughout history, from modern day artists from a range of countries, cultures and beliefs. The school have invested in high quality art equipment from paint brushes and paints to watercolour and cartridge papers as not to inhibit the children’s creativity.

Through Art and Design, the children are learning to explore creativity. Creativity is vitality important in modern society and rapidly becoming more so, our aim is to give the children every opportunity through experiences to thrive in their futures. 

Our Art and Design policy Intent to cover the curriculum with our school’s core values at the heart of our learning.


  • Develop children’s awareness of art and great artists from different parts of the U.K. and different countries around the world.
  • To explore how art communicates ideas and tells stories and how different cultures and religions use art to voice their attitudes and beliefs.
  • Develop children’s understanding of the historical and cultural changes within artists work.
  • Value their own and other people’s creativity and cultures in a modern, multicultural Britain.


  • To produce high quality creative work that explores the children’s ideas.
  • To discover and celebrate a sense of purpose and fulfilment in artistic expression.
  • Learn the skills to use a wide range of media and to have the confidence and knowledge to know best practice to use them.
  • To develop children’s observation, analytical and descriptive skills to appreciate their and others’ achievements.


  • To work alongside local artists to inspire, engage and excite the children through experiences, direct teaching and providing CPD sessions to up skill teaching staff
  • To enable children to exhibit their work within the local community
  • To work alongside an artist in residence to create beautiful key pieces of artwork within the school.

Year 2 Lantern Workshop

Year 2 made some lovely lanterns in a workshop with Nell, they made the wooden structure and added some lights. They look amazing!

Year 5 Amelia Scott Figures

Year 5 have made some beautiful figures of Amelia Scott out of clay!

Stone Age Art Exhibition

In Year 3 we have been enjoying learning about the Stone Age, the children have been particularly excited finding out about cave painting and have a go a recreating their own versions.

During Forest School, we have made our own “paint” from berries and mud. We’ve made our own charcoal by roasting willow sticks on a fire. Back in the classroom, we’ve been learning to sketch animals simply and the differences between H and B pencils. After half term, we will be learning to create our own colours by mixing primary colours together and adding black and white to change the tint and shade. We will be using all the skills we’ve learnt, to create our final pieces for our Stone Age Art Exhibition.

Art Club

Our art display celebrates the mini beast work created by our children at Art Club. Thanks to Nell Price and her team at Arty Farty and made possible by Reconnect.  

Our Online Art Gallery

Please click on the photo below to view a selection of the children's wonderful creations.

Our First Photography Competition 

All year groups were invited to take part and here are the entries and winners across our school. We were amazed by the work created by the children. A big well done and thank you to everyone who  took part.