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Welcome to our new page. This page is dedicated to school news. We will update you here on whole school projects and information that we think you would like to know about.

September 2020

Our first update comes from our school Art and Design lead, Mr Rogers:

To celebrate the creativity at Broadwater Down the children were asked to create an impressive immersive art installation within our beautiful forest. This would prove to be a creative, inspiring and memorable start to the new term. 

The children created individual pieces which were hung closely together from branches on selected trees. A pathway lined with woodland finds wound its way through the forest for the children to enjoy all the hanging art.

Their work was creative and colourful with a very personal “wish for the year ahead” secretly hidden within the piece or held in the children’s minds. 

The experience of walking through the forest was reflective and thought provoking and gave the children a creative kickstart to this new artistic term.