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Broadwater Down Primary School


Severe Weather Plan

 Monday 8th February 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

IMPORTANT: Severe Snow/Ice Plan for Parents and Families

 Given the recent snow and possibility of more this week, here is our school plan, for those children who are permitted to attend at this time.

 As a fundamental principle every effort must be made to keep schools open, even if only limited numbers of pupils can attend. However schools may close due to ‘unavoidable’ circumstances. Those circumstances being that it is no longer safe for staff or pupils to be onsite.

 We recognise that it is important our school remains open so parents are able to work and those pupils who are permitted to attend, can continue. Broadwater Down Primary School will make every effort to prepare for severe snow/ice this winter by gritting pathways, maintaining heating equipment and generally being prepared.

How will we let you me know if the school is closed?

 However, if we do experience severe snow/ice resulting in hazardous conditions, I may have to take the decision to close the school. Once this decision has been made we will notify parents via the school website in the first instance, as soon as is possible, and then on the Kent Closures website

 What can you do to help?

 Please visit for more information about gritting routes and travel issues around Kent so you can plan your journey.

  • Don’t forget suitable warm clothing for your child – gloves, hats, scarves, wellies and a change of clothing.
  • If you are a working parent or feel you may have a problem with a sudden earlier pick up, please put a backā€up plan in place with another family member or parent and inform the school. This will allow staff to leave earlier for their safety if weather

 Please be aware that sometimes a decision can only be made once I know how many staff members have safely made it in or may have to change a decision based on new information.  Forecasts are not an exact science but all that we have, so please have patience and be prepared.

 Yours sincerely


Mrs Harris