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Broadwater Down Primary School


Complaints Procedure

The school aims to be an open school. Staff are always accessible and parents are welcomed on a partnership basis and it is hoped that parental concerns can be dealt with on a normal day to day basis. It is, however, important that parents are aware of the school procedure for dealing with complaints.

Parents who have concerns will, on most occasions, be able to have these concerns resolved by contacting the class teacher. If it is inappropriate to see the class teacher, or if a parent remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further, they should contact the Headteacher.

Every effort will be made but if, after contacting the Headteacher, the concern is not resolved, then the next step would be to fill in the complaints form in the appendix of the Complaints Policy to register a formal complaint. On receipt of a complaint, an immediate judgment is taken as to whether or not a full response can be given within ten working days. If time is needed to investigate the complaint and it is unlikely a full reply can be framed within ten days, then an acknowledgement is sent to the parents explaining who is dealing with the complaint and when they can expect a reply.

Complaints Policy (To be reviewed: 2021)