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Tel: 01892 527588

Broadwater Down Primary School


Extended Provision               

Covid-19: Due to recent Government advice please speak to the school office to discuss extended provision at this time. Thank you. 

Pupils can access provision from 8am to 6pm here at Broadwater Down Primary School.     

Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club is open every day from 8.00 a.m. during term time. The Club is organised and run by our own skilled staff, Mrs Catherine Clayton and Miss Sam Pooley. In addition to providing a healthy breakfast for those who attend, the club provides a variety of activities including homework support, games and art and craft. The cost of our Breakfast Club is £2.50 a day.

Squirrel Club
Squirrel Club is open every day after school during term time. The Club is organised and run by our own skilled staff. Squirrel club takes place on our school site. The children are collected from their class and then they walk down the path to the Ark children’s centre, which is located at the bottom of the drive. Here the children have a cosy indoor and outdoor space. Squirrel club offers great resources supplied by the school to keep our children’s minds happy and stimulated. They also use the wonderful school grounds to vary the children’s time after school.
As always, we welcome suggestions, so please feel free to contact us.

Session Times: Session 1: 3.15-4.30pm, Session 2: 4.30-5.15pm, Session 3: 5.15-6pm

Session Fees:

Timing Cost for session Cost for pupil attending a school club until 4.15pm
3.15pm – 4.30pm £4
3.15pm – 5.15pm £7 £3
3.15pm – 6pm £9 £6

*Please Note: A late fee of £2.00 is charged if you are 10 minutes late collecting your child, a further 50p per 10 minutes after. If after 6pm, this charge is £2 per 10 minutes. In all circumstances we must be notified by phone, on 07999 981 736, from 3-6pm, or via the School Office, from 9am-3pm on 01892 527588.
Other Notifications:
Please inform us as early as possible if you do/do not wish for your child to attend squirrel club or you wish to adjust times your child attends club.
Please use the links below to notify us of any change in hours.
* Please note if you do not notify us, you will be charged for session in full.

Please use the links below to notify us of any change in hours.

* Please note if you do not notify us, you will be charged for session in full.


LINK 1 New Starters Form                                          LINK 2 Change of Hours Form

Important Squirrel Club Announcements

Our Bell

Please note our squirrel club bell is located near the window to the right of the entrance gate (past the bins). We ask all parents to note that we will not hear the bell on the gate.


Please ensure that on arriving and leaving the building that the green entrance gate is securely closed behind you.

Snack time

Snack time is prepared generally by 3.45pm and while at present we offer a variety, it is ONLY a snack. If your child stays for the full 3 sessions and you wish for your child to bring in something else to eat later, we will be happy to accommodate this. However we ask you to pre arrange this with us due to some of our children having specified allergies.

Our Mobile Number

Please ensure you have our correct number stored, should you need to inform us of early or delayed collection of your child(ren).

From 3-6pm: 07999981 736 

Out of hours: Please contact the school office.            

Our Address

The Ark Children’s Centre Broadwater Lane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN25RP                                  

Our Email

Please send all emails to the school office at: