Broadwater Down Primary School

Growing to Learn, Learning to Grow

Parents and Friends


Calling all parents!
We’ve set up the brand-new Broadwater Down Parents and Friends to help more parents get involved with our school.
Did you know… it’s proven that children do better at school when their parents are involved and are part of the school community?
This is why we want to make it as easy and fun as possible for everyone to join in. We are bringing together the PTA and the Parent Council and adding a third group called Community Links under one new name – Broadwater Parents and Friends. The idea is to provide lots of
diļ¬€erent ways for parents to get involved, help out and have their voice heard.

This is what we will do:
– Support the school by helping to look after it and working together to make it the best
– Understand and support the academic goals of the school and help our children learn                                           
– Promote volunteering to support the children and provide vital resources for the school
– Make sure parents are fully informed on important decisions that the schools has to make
– Provide a way for parents to have a say on school policies
– Put on fun events for the whole school and raise vital funds.


This is how we will do it:
We have three groups which are led by a planning group. The planning group is made up of the school leadership team and the chairs of the three groups, and will meet a few times a year to discuss how we’re doing, and where we’d like to be doing more.


Click here for more information about each group.