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Broadwater Down Primary School



Uniform is considered very important at Broadwater Down Primary School.  Wearing a uniform gives pupils a sense of belonging and being part of the school team or community.  Wearing it well shows that pupils have developed a sense of pride in their presentation and feel a responsibility to promote good impressions to visitors and the wider community.

Our School Uniform Policy is as follows:

Sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
Grey skirt, pinafore dress or grey tailored trousers
Summer red/white checked dress or grey tailored shorts
White polo shirt
White or grey socks or grey tights
Plain flat black shoes
Reversible school jacket with waterproof with logo
Red book bag (KS1)
Red PE bag
Black plain shorts
White plain T-shirt (or with logo)
Black tracksuit
Plimsolls or white trainers

* Items in bold can be purchased directly from the school office.

School shoes should be leather (or leather-look) shoes, not trainers.  For PE, pupils have bare feet for gymnastics and dance, but should wear plimsolls, or white trainers without black soles, for games.  These should be well-fitting and supportive. Some ‘plimsolls’ with a T-bar are not supportive enough for sporting activities.  Any pupils who do not have sports shoes to change into will not be permitted to take part in lessons as this is a safety issue.  Trainers should only be lace-up if pupils can tie laces themselves.  Otherwise, Velcro fastenings are required.


All Year R, 1 and 2 pupils are required to have a red school book bag, which you can purchase from the school office.  Pupils in KS2 can continue to use these or use their own choice of bag.

Jewellery and Hair Accessories:

No jewellery is permitted in school with the exception of a wristwatch and small stud earrings.  Hooped earrings are not permitted, due to safety reasons.  Jewellery worn for religious or cultural reasons can be discussed with the headteacher. Pupils should not wear earrings for PE lessons.  On these days, pupils should remove their own earrings or parents should ensure that the child is not wearing earrings on PE days if (s)he cannot remove them her/himself.  If the pupil has had the ears pierced within the last 6 weeks, or if they have attended school on a PE day wearing earrings which (s)he cannot remove, medical tape will be used to cover the earrings for the duration of the PE lesson.

Long hair should always be tied back and all hair accessories should be small and understated.  Large bows, nets and fancy headbands should be kept for out-of-school events.