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Broadwater Down Primary School


Junior Leadership Team

At Broadwater Down Primary School, we believe that a strong community should support our children’s learning and developments and this includes the children themselves.

Children from Year 6 form the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). They take on a range of roles to enable them the chance to have leadership within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard.

Our current JLT takes on the following roles:

  • House Captains
  • Learning Environments 
  • Health and Safety
  • Learning and Growth Mindsets
  • Behaviour
  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing
  • Library 

The JLT work in a range of ways including meeting to discuss current priorities, carry out learning walks, developing policies and helping to run whole school council meetings.

JLT 2020-2021

Term 1 Outcomes

  • Developed pupil friendly safeguarding policy
  • Added pupil voice to school development plan

Junior Leadership Team Assembly

Pupil Voice 

We asked the children about their roles and this is what they said:

O: "My role is co-house captain of Green team. I wanted to be house captain because I thought it would be a good opportunity and responsibility. We have meetings with Mrs Harris, which I enjoy."

B: I am one of the health and safety leads. It looks like a fun and important role to play. 

P: I am one of the learning environment leads. I wanted to be one of the learning environment leads as I care about the way the school looks. 

J: I am Red team house captain. I wanted to be house captain because I can help improve the school and make sure everyone is happy and safe.
M: I am one of the learning and growth mindset leads. I think this is a good opportunity to help others learn and grow their minds.