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Broadwater Down Primary School


Well Being Survey

At Broadwater Down children's wellbeing is at the heart of what we do and we have made this a priority in our school.  To enhance children's wellbeing we have:

  • Forest School for every year group.
  • Weekly PSHE sessions following the SCARF planning.
  • Well-being and connection time (a time to connect with friends)
  • Worry boxes in every class with talk time.
  • A recognition board in every class to recognise positive behaviour.
  • Every class runs the 'daily mile.'
  • *A play therapist for individual children.
  • Assemblies to support anti-bullying, Power of 5 etc.
  • Drawing and Talking.
  • Lego Therapy.
  • Class rewards.
  • Visits from Coram Life (as part of SCARF package.)

At the end of last year a pupil well-being survey was carried out across the school to gather children's thoughts on the school and this is used to understand what is going well and why but also what we may need to improve on.

Some lovely quotes we gathered from the children were:

"It is safe and I like being with my friends. We like having basketball hoops, we play football and we have choosing time" Year R.
 "Most people like each other and get along.  People are friendly. It’s very fun and cool and you get to do good things like school trips." Year 1.
“We love it.  Everyone is happy and smiley. Every teacher is amazing." Year 2. children.

"I can easily make friends.  It is the best ever school and I like it. People and teachers are nice.  It makes you feel comfortable and helps your feelings. " Year 3.

"I have playtimes with amazing friends.  There is lots of space with lots to do. I like the monkey bars and the woods. " Year 4.

"We use the power of 5.  We tell and it gets sorted.  We have assemblies about bullying and teasing so it helps." Year 5.

"I think it is amazing place.  We play some good games and some football.  Everyone is friendly.  Everyone gets along and is kind. " Year 6.

We are always aiming for 100% so we asked our children how we could improve and we are aiming to put some things in place such as:
  • Continuing to promote 'The Power of 5' with new posters being displayed around the school.
  • Buddies for new children who join the school set up in the class.
  • Welcome events for new children and for those who join our school speaking in another language.
  • Year 6 are looking at improving playtime equipment and running new games as part of their termly project.
  • Improved healthy snack ideas for KS2.
  • Nurture provision training currently in progress.