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Broadwater Down Primary School

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  2. Tunbridge Wells in Bloom

Tunbridge Wells in Bloom

The Tunbridge Wells in Bloom competition is a fantastic chance the encourage residents, businesses and schools in the local area to be imaginative with their gardens, allotments and outdoor spaces. Broadwater Down has enjoyed a long legacy entering the Tunbridge Wells in Bloom Schools annual competition.

The children love to be involved in digging up the soil, weeding, planting, growing and caring for the pots and gardens around Broadwater Down. The gardens create perfect zones for outdoor learning. The children who participate in a lunchtime Gardening Club are becoming enthusiastic gardeners and are often seen around school carrying heavy watering cans. During Science lessons, bulbs and plants can be found being sketched, dissected, discussed and admired. Some of the older children have been very engaged and creative preparing presentation bids for funding from local businesses.

We very much support the donations from local businesses that have allowed us to create the community allotments and in 2023 the rain water garden planter that helped us win another Gold.

Historic results:

  • 2015 – Winner of Best Schools Category – Gold
  • 2016 – Schools Category – Gold
  • 2017 – Best Community Allotment/Garden – Silver Gilt and Schools Category – Gold
  • 2019 – Schools Category – Silver
  • 2020 – South and Southern Award – Silver Gilt
  • 2021 - South and South East in Bloom
  • 2022 - Schools Category – Silver Gilt
  • 2023 - Schools Category – Gold