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Broadwater Down Primary School

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School House Information

Junior Leadership Team

At Broadwater Down Primary School, we believe that a strong community should support our children’s learning and developments and this includes the children themselves.

Children from Year 6 form the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). They take on a range of roles to enable them the chance to have leadership within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard.

Our current JLT takes on the following roles:

  • Junior Head Of School
  • House Captains
  • Wellbeing Leads

The JLT work in a range of ways including meeting to discuss current priorities, carry out learning walks, developing policies and helping to run whole school council meetings.

School House Meetings 

At Broadwater Down Primary School, we believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to share their views and opinions and contribute to whole school development. Therefore, every child is involved in school council, meeting in our house teams. 

School council house meetings take place once a term and the meeting takes place within house teams to allow all children to contribute.  

The children run the meeting including: 

  • Chair (1 or 2 children) 
  • Note takers (1 or 2 children) 
  • House representative to feed back (2 children)  

 These are selected at each meeting and can be from any year group to allow a wide range of children to experience the roles.   

School Houses

Please click on the logos to learn more about our school houses