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Breakfast Club

"Children who eat healthy breakfasts are able to solve problems better and can think faster and more clearly." Great Ormond Street Hospital

Having a good breakfast is an essential part of a morning routine to help children feel ready to learn and to help them perform to their best during the day. 

Great Ormond Street Hospital recommend these types of breakfast in the morning:

  • Pick porridge, muesli, wheat or bran cereals with semi-skimmed milk. Try to avoid cereals with added sugar and fat.
  • Boil an egg and have it with wholemeal bread soldiers.
  • Try wholemeal toast with peanut butter, jam or Marmite.
  • Go for it with grilled tomato on toast.
  • Launch your day with a lean grilled bacon sandwich.
  • Make fab fruit smoothies with plain low fat yoghurt or semi-skimmed milk.
  • Jazz up low-fat yoghurt by adding sliced fruit.
  • Blast off with a bagel with low fat cream cheese.

You can find further information and advice about breakfasts from the NHS.


Breakfast Club

At Broadwater Down, our Breakfast Club is open every day from 7:30 a.m. during term time. The Club is organised and run by our own skilled staff, Mrs Catherine Clayton and Mrs Bonnie Seymour. In addition to providing a healthy breakfast for those who attend, the club provides a variety of activities including homework support, games and art and craft. The cost of our Breakfast Club is £3.50 a day.

Pupils can access provision from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. here at Broadwater Down Primary School.  

If you wish your child to attend Breakfast Club you must print or collect a form from the school office on to complete and return. Please call the school office on 01892 527588 if you have any questions or need any support.

Click here to download Breakfast Club form.