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Broadwater Down Primary School

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Well Being Support For Parents

Click here to access our Family Support Officer page

Articles, Ideas and Resources

Mindfulness made easy

Mindfulness is a clinically proven way to improve mental and physical health. Their app is fantastic for supporting and learning a daily mindfulness practice – for all ages! Beyond the app, their website is also full of advice and information. There are easy to use guides, videos and articles galore!

Children, young people and grief

Useful information provided by the nationwide bereavement charity Cruse. This webpage gives answer to some of your concerns when trying to support your grieving child. 

Supporting your child with bereavement

This guide, developed by the UK Trauma Council, explains traumatic bereavement and helps you to consider if this is what your child is experiencing.

Top tips for separated parents

Listen to your child - A list compiled by the Family Justice Young People’s Board. Their members are children and young people with experience of family law proceedings.

 What About Aruna?

A series of four FREE videos that will help you support your children through separation/divorce.

7 ways to support children who are worried

Developed by the clinicians at the Anna Freud Centre, this is a short list of strategies to use when responding to children and young people’s fears.

 Supporting children's school transition
A helpful guide, developed by the Anna Freud Centre, for parents and carers whose children are preparing to move on to secondary school.

 How to talk to your child about mental health

A guide for parents offering tips on how to start a meaningful conversation and even ideas for activities you could do together. From downloadable conversation starters, to a useful tips video, this site is full of great resources.

Cost-of-living support 

Find out what support is available to help you and your family get through the cost-of-living crisis. 

Support Services and Helplines

Click on images for more details

The Ark Children's Centre is located next-door to the school.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 0808 168-9111.

Local charity supporting victims of domestic abuse (aged 16+) who live in West Kent. 
Helpline open weekdays 10am to 4pm, answer phone available out of ours; 01892 570538 

An informative resource aimed at helping young people, parents and carers understand emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Call 0800 0113 474 or click here to complete an online referral form

Signposting, support and weekly informal drop-in for parents and carers of children and young people with SEND in Tunbridge Wells.

Family legal services

Our family services including free legal advice, representation in some cases, and judge referred child contact