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Broadwater Down Primary School

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Accessibility and Equality

Equality and inclusion are at the heart of what we do every day at Broadwater Down. We value every child and each member of our community as a unique individual who we want to celebrate and reflect in our school.

We strive to ensure all possible measures are taken to achieve equal access to the school site and to the curriculum. This includes physical access around the site and to the curriculum for pupils and adults with physical needs and disabilities. 

Visitors to the school are invited to contact the office in advance to ensure specific needs can be met. Any of the content of our website can be requested in paper form and in larger font if required.  Please contact the school office to make the request.



Our curriculum is also designed to reflect a wide range of diverse cultures, experiences and lifestyles so that our pupils learn to appreciate the world's richness and complexity. Teachers and adults work hard to ensure that all children have the time, opportunity and safe space to talk about social justice issues and empathise with people of other cultures, nationalities, religions and lifestyles as embodied by our Relationships Education policy. It is important to us that these topics are explored with the children, in a sensitive and appropriate way, as part of our everyday curriculum but also in response to events happening around the world that they may be aware of in the news.


Our school staff will ensure that all conversations around these matters are managed carefully and sensitively. However, we want the children to engage with difficult questions and have a time and space within school to speak freely and openly. Some children may come home with questions or points they would like to discuss with you, and we would encourage you to, within reason, answer them openly and honestly. 



We expect our community to be tolerant, empathetic and kind and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in this respect. Please contact the school directly if you require any help or support.


For further information about Equality and Accessibility please visit our policies page.