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Broadwater Down Primary School


Safeguarding and Online Safety

At Broadwater Down Primary school we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all of our pupils, our staff and visitors. We believe everyone has the responsibility for the safeguarding and protection of our pupils.

As a school we are part of the wider safeguarding system who are responsible for promoting the welfare of all children. We ensure all children have a right to be heard and to have their wishes and feelings taken into account.

We ensure all our staff understand safe professional practice and adhere to and promote our safeguarding and online safety policies.

We identify approaches to educate and raise awareness of online safety throughout our community and we have clear procedures in place when responding to Safeguarding and Online Safety concerns.

Who can you contact at school?

If you have any concerns about the well-being of any of our pupils or about a member of staff, please contact the office and ask to speak to:

Mrs Harris - Our Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Miss Hodgkins - Our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Libby Wilmshurst - Our Family Support Advisor and DSL Assistant

Penny Kift - Our Safeguarding Governor    

The NSPCC also run a range of dedicated helplines which can be found at:

Click here to view our policies page

The theme for this year's Safer Internet Day is:

'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online'

In Key Stage 2,  the children looked at a story of an alien who had come to Earth as a tourist because they’ve heard so much about our incredible internet, and especially the games we can play online.
The alien wanted to experience online gaming and the children had to be its guide. We discussed being safe, how to protect yourself online and what the alien should do in different online scenarios.

Online Safety

To find out more about keeping your child/ren safe online please visit the site: where you will find a wide range of one page guides to help you know all about the games, programmes and devices your child is using.

We have downloaded some below as a short cut for you:


Click here to view parental guides to Roblox

For more information about Online Safety you can also visit