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Broadwater Down Primary School

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At Broadwater Down, "leaders and governors work strategically together to improve the quality of education for pupils" (Ofsted March 2023)


The Role of a Governor

The Governing Body is part of the Leadership & Management team of the school; they are responsible for working with the school, to ensure that it delivers a good quality education.

Governors have three main roles:

  • To provide strategic direction for the school
  • To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher
  • To ensure accountability 

They also carry out a number of other important duties, which include:

  • Determining how the school's budget is spent
  • The appointing and dismissing of staff
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Forming policy on the school's curriculum and collective worship
  • Setting standards for pupils' behaviour and discipline
  • Making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • Setting and monitoring the school's aims and policies  

 Governor Body Member Profiles 2023-24

Click on the names below to read a short profile of each member of the governing body.

Having campaigned for women’s rights for over 6 years I was eventually appointed as the first lady sound engineer at the BBC, first working in radio and then moving on to television outside broadcasts. After an exciting career of 34 years I took early retirement to concentrate on my voluntary work. As a Parish Councillor of 27 years I have always been involved in community projects such as allotments and open spaces and as a school governor of 16 years I have always been a ‘hands on’ governor, helping with walking buses, school trips and clubs.

I gained a BTEC Advanced Certificate in school governance in 2004 and became Chair of Governors here at Broadwater Down in 2006, while continuing to be a governor at a small village church school. Sharing ‘best practice’ between the schools has helped both to improve and our pupils to succeed and I am proud to have been a part of this.

I intend to continue giving my time so that young people can, through education, become responsible citizens who will help run our country well and look after me in my old age!

Linda Wybar has been Headteacher of Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School since 1999, and a Governor of Broadwater Down Primary School since 2013, having been actively involved in primary/secondary school transition in the Tunbridge Wells area since first becoming a headteacher. As Chair of the Kent and Medway Grammar Schools' Association since 2004, she believes strongly that schools should work together in the best interests of the young people in a community. Linda lives locally in Langton Green and has two sons, now grown up, who attended The Skinners' School.

I believe that schools should be at the heart of their communities and that education is key to unlocking children's potential. Being a local resident I joined the governing body in 2016 as I wanted to support Broadwater Down in achieving this ambition. I currently sit on the Resources Committee. Previously employed in various corporate and regeneration roles I currently work for a London Borough leading school development and school place planning. Outside of work I have previously been a member of the Interim Executive Board of a special school in SE London and a Director of a Community Credit Union.

Gemma is a dispute resolution solicitor with experience of acting for and advising several schools and other educational providers.  Gemma is particularly keen to provide support to ensure that the pupils meet their potential and enjoy their time at the school. Gemma is part of the Learning and Development Committee and is also the Early Years Foundation Stage governor.

I believe that parents working in partnership with a school can make a real difference. I have been a parent at the school for more than 7 years, and my youngest daughter is now in year 4. During that time I have enjoyed supporting the school as chair of the PTA (2016-2020), and now as a parent governor. I have worked as a marketer for over 20 years, and am training to be a counsellor, and I'm looking forward to using this experience to continue to support the school.

I have worked in Early Years and childcare for over 20 years with children aged 0-9. I own two preschool settings in Tunbridge Wells and have worked in Showfields for the last 8 years with strong links to the community. I have a passion for education and inclusion and believe all children deserve the very best for their educational setting to ensure life long success. I am part of the Local Children’s Partnership Group for the local district help to ensure positive outcomes for children and their families. We have achieved an Ofsted Outstanding grade at our Bayhall Road setting and as a result have begun to offer consultancy to other early years settings in need of support in the local area, to improve standards in Early Years Education.

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Annual Governors' Statement 

At Broadwater Down, our Governing Body is made up of a team of committed volunteers, from a selection of educational and non-educational backgrounds.

As a Full Governing Body, we meet three times per year; additionally we have a Strategic Team, who set the vision for the school each year and meet throughout the school year to monitor and evaluate against our School Improvement Plan. Filtering out of the Strategy Team are two teams, our Learning & Development team focuses on curriculum, data and monitoring and a Resources team, with a focus on finance and buildings, each of those teams meet three to four times per year. Additionally our Governors are trained on an on-going basis, and also meet with Governors of other governing bodies, to share good practice and skills.

Our Governors take an active role within the school, and can often be seen, attending lunchtime clubs, being school reader volunteers and taking part in many of the school activities, such as school trips and productions.

As you can appreciate, this requires a lot of time and commitment and we are incredibly grateful to those who give up their time in order to do this invaluable role within our school.

From December 1st 2014 the re-constituted Governing Body consists of:

 1 x LA Governor

1 x HT Governor

1 x Staff Governor

2 x Parent Governors

6 x Co-opted Governors

 Total: 11 Governors

The membership of the Governing Body is now required to be skills-based. Vacancies will be filled by Governors whose relevant skills can be matched to the needs of the school. This is to ensure that every child in the school receives the best education possible. If you are interested in governance or in talking about the possibility of joining the governing body, please speak to the Chair of Governors or the Head Teacher.

Code of Conduct for Governors at Broadwater Down Primary School

Broadwater Down Governor Information 2023 - 24

Name and Term Appointed by Committee Responsibility Register of business or pecuniary interests Registers of relationships between governors and/or school staff Other governance responsibilities

Penny Kift

LA Governor

08/11/21 to 07/11/25

Local Authority &

Governing Body



Chair of Governing Body, Vice Chair of Strategy, Chair of Resources


Health and Safety

Nil Nil

Linda Wybar

Co-opted Governor

01/12/18 to 30/11/26

Governing Body

Learning & Development,


English Nil Nil Governor and Headteacher of Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School

Robert Bollen

Co-opted Governor

13/07/20 to 12/07/24

Governing Body



SEND Nil Nil

Gemma Pearmain

Co-opted Governor

10/07/23 – 09/07/27

Governing Body Learning & Development Sports and Pupil Premium Nil Nil

Sarah West

Parent Governor

22/09/21 – 21/09/25

Governing Body Resources Well-being Nil Nil

Alice Penfold

Co-opted Governor
13/03/23 to 12/03/27

Governing body Learning & Development EYFS Nil Nil

Sarah Rome

28/10/19 - Ongoing

KCC clerk

Information relating to governors who have recently left the governing body

Name and Term  Appointed by Committee Responsibility Register of business or pecuniary interests Register of relationships between governors and/or school staff Other governance responsibilities

Neil Pegrum

Co-opted Governor 13/03/23 to 12/03/27

Resigned 04/09/23

Governing Body Strategy Vice Chair of Governing Body, Chair of L and D, Chair of Strategy  Nil Nil Associate Governor of Skinners Kent Academy

Harry Wild

Co-opted Governor 12/07/21 to 11/07/25

Resigned 27/09/23

Governing Body Learning & Development Maths Nil Nil

Katie Harris

Staff Governor from 01/09/19 

Resigned July 2023

N/A All Headteacher Nil Nil

Caroline Hodgkins

Staff Governor   14/11/19 to 13/11/23

Resigned 13/11/23

Staff election Learning & Development, Strategy Deputy Head Teacher Nil Nil

Broadwater Down School: Governors Attendance 2022-23