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    2. Year 3 Science F1 Workshop

    Year 3 Science F1 Workshop

    9 June 2023 (by Mrs Harris (bdps-admin))

    This week, Hedgehog Class welcomed Mr Smith from Somerhill to co-teach a workshop to introduce our new Science topic, Forces. The children completed 3 different experiments to learn about gravity, resistance and friction. We rolled cars down different surfaces, sank plasticine boats and flew rotocopters.  

    With their new expertise, the children were given a F1 car chassis and tasked with making the car more aerodynamic and attractive. The children loved shaping nose cones, side panels and some even had rear spoilers.  

    Once the cars were complete the children went outside to race the cars. Somerhill kindly loaned us their F1 in Schools air-powered launch system and race track. After using a hand pump to build the pressure to 8 bar, a button is pressed and the cars launch along the track. The children’s engagement was incredible and everyone (adults included) loved watching the cars race down the track.  

    F1 in Schools is an exhilarating international competition that brings the world of Formula One racing into the classrooms. Aimed at students aged 9 to 19, this initiative combines engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship. Teams of students design, build, and race miniature Formula One cars using CAD software and advanced manufacturing techniques.  

    The children also develop business plans, marketing campaigns, and brand identities to promote their teams and secure sponsorship. The competition reaches its climax with high-speed races on a 20-meter track, where teams showcase their cars' speed, precision, and innovative design. Judges evaluate the teams based on various criteria, including car performance, engineering excellence, and overall project management.  

    F1 in Schools provides a dynamic learning experience that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. It ignites students' passion for STEM subjects and equips them with essential skills for future careers in engineering, technology, and business. 

    We only touched the surface of F1 in Schools, but in the future, there are lots of exciting opportunities ahead.  

    Thank you again to Mr Smith and Somerhill Independent School.  

    Please see our Science Page for more photos and video.